Main projects


6 months ENSSAT project 2022 - 2023

OakLabs mobile application

OakLabs is a mobile encyclopedia application on the Pokémon universe: a Pokédex. The main functionality is the recognition and classification of Pokémons via the camera thanks to artificial intelligence. There is also the list of all Pokémons and their characteristics, management of badges for players, and options: choice of language and theme.

This important project, realized in group of 5 in agile scrum method, is part of my last year training at ENSSAT, in the software engineering module. On my side, my tasks were the graphic charter of the application, all the user paths and the mock-ups (light and dark themes), as well as the front-end development of some pages (for example the Pokémon detection modal, the Pokédex list and the page of a Pokémon).


React Native

Agile scrum

OakLabs mobile application

Orange Antispoofing

End of studies project in Orange 2023 (ongoing)

Web portal and mobile application for Orange Antispoofing

This project is part of the Orange Phone mobile anti-spam application, and more specifically the reverse directory which allows companies to display their name and the reason of their call for Orange Phone users. The goal of this end-of-studies project at Orange is to implement a dual authentication system for businesses who want to call their customers, in order to prevent their numbers from being usurped.

Orange Antispoofing is realized by another apprentice and myself, in agile scrum method, from A to Z. The 2 main steps are the design phase and the study of the competition, then the development phase. To do this, we had to rework the existing parts of Orange Phone existing parts: the web portal (in Flutter), the Android application, the iOS application, and finally add the whole back-end API part with a database in MongoDB and a link with Firebase.



iOS (Swift)





Web portal and mobile application for Orange Antispoofing

Sentiment analysis on GitHub

Research internship in Sardinia Summer 2023

GitHub sentiments analysis: website and research paper

As part of my engineering degree, it was necessary to do a 3-month internship abroad. Done at the University of Cagliari in Sardinia, the project was a research topic . The aim was to determine whether developers preferred SQL or NoSQL languages. To do this, I based my research on the developers' comments on the GitHub repositories of 10 major database management systems.

The first part was to get these comments in Python, thanks to the API proposed by GitHub. After retrieving about 50 000 of them, I performed several sentiment analysis with the with the Transformers artificial intelligence library as well as other analyses (evolution of the number of comments per year, sentiment for each DBMS...). Finally, I developed a small web site to list these researches. I also wrote a research paper on this project.




GitHub API

Research paper

GitHub sentiments analysis: website and research paper

Other projects


Academic project 2023

  • Development of a website to watch and manage a video
  • Basic commands of a video + clickable chapters, keywords and map with dynamic points of interest, chat zone
  • Query of the data on a backend, chat with web sockets



Academic project 2023

  • Development of an Android application to list hikings in the Trégor: list, research and filter (name/type)
  • Development in Kotlin, use of OpenStreetMap and the API Datarmor

Android (Kotlin)

Travel With Me

Academic project 2022

Travel With Me
  • Design of a mobile application of our choosing: identify a problem, a solution, targets, interviews with interested people or not, mock-ups
  • Travel With Me: travel application to find companions or touristic guides
  • Mock-ups and prototypes realized on Figma


User-centered design

This website

Personal project 2021 - 2023

Julie Bousseau's drawing
  • Design and realization of a website to accompany my resume and introduce myself in more detail
  • Design phase, then programming in "mobile-first" without any framework



Redesign of the Orange Phone website

Company project 2021

Orange Phone website redesign
  • Analysis of the existing Orange Telephone site and its competitors
  • Innovation and management of the entire project: preliminary project, specifications, design,management
  • Work alone, frequent reporting and presentation




Academic project2021

  • Creation of a site to borrow equipment (management of equipment, users and borrows)
  • Complete UML analysis (use case, activity, sequence and class diagrams)
  • Website coded in JEE
  • Writing of a detailed report

Java Enterprise Edition

HoneyPot pour Orange Téléphone

Projet à Orange 2019

  • For the mobile application Orange Phone, which helps against spam and scam calls
  • Worked for a year on a HoneyPot to help differentiate call types by trapping spammers who call landlines
  • My missions: automatically answering calls and sending pre-recorded messages, recording the calls and transcribing them, analyzing these transcriptions with AI (text analysis), making statistics and classifying the numbers


Google Speech to Text API